Open DNS vs. Google DNS

Open DNS vs. Google DNS

Posted by Brew City on July,18 2016


When you log in to a website, you key in the uniform resource locator (URL) into your Web browser and press enter. The URL is a space-holder text for the internet protocol (IP) address you are trying to access. The component for your internet connection is the domain name server (DNS). It changes the text-based URL into the numeric Internet Protocol address of the website you want to access. Open DNS and Google DNS are the most known DNS services available. Both offer DNS security and enhanced networking capabilities, but have key variations between them.

Open DNS offers functionality standards that other DNS services don’t. Using the Open DNS web interface, you can automatically fix typos inserted in the address bar. You can also load websites from cache if they are not accessible, blacklist websites, view extensive browsing statistic and filter content. On the other hand, Google DNS mainly aims to improve the security and speed of your internet connection. Therefore, it does not come with extra features.

Generally, DNS speed depends on the type of server near your area. You can use free DNS Benchmark software to measure the speed of Google DNS, Open DNS and other DNS providers.

Google DNS and Open DNS guarantee better and reliable services than the normal ISP. Many DNS services run by ISPs don’t have technology and hardware that Google and Open DNS have. This leads to internet disconnection or slow loading speeds when there is an increase in internet activity. Many internet users around the world use Open DNS and Google DNS services.

Open DNS and Google DNS offer a number of dns security benefits. Google DNS stop hackers from taking control of certain IP addresses by fighting domain-spoofing attacks and DNS cache poisoning. Open DNS secures your internet and blocks phishing scams.

What Is Google DNS?
It is an optional domain name service that provides high internet speeds and improved security. Google DNS is hosted by Google and it is available all over the world.

Google DNS service offers easy access to an optional domain name system database when your ISP DNS goes slow or when it lacks security protocols.

Usage and are DNS addresses used by Google DNS .To use Google DNS, key in the Google DNS IP address in the suitable spaces from the internet settings window on your operating system. You can also enter the IP address into your router.

Several tests have proved that Google DNS is faster than alternative DNS servers. Google DNS relies on technology used by the Google search engine. The technology locates websites that match your search query faster using various features including caching and rapid database pre-fetching. The websites translate typed addresses to the right IP address when browsing the web.