DNS Firewall - Why It Is Essential In Today's Data Driven World?

DNS Firewall - Why It Is Essential In Today's Data Driven World?

Posted by Brew City on April,24 2017


Security is one of the major concerns of any organizations in the contemporary world. So much so that everyone, right from ages of 8 to 80 are aware of it. But enterprise security is a whole different ball game altogether. Since the number of security breaches have risen at an alarming rate in the last few years, organizations have recognized the importance of safeguarding their data in every way.

Also, it is important to realize that the skill set of hackers keep improving by the minute and traditional security measures are not enough to protect the valuable intellectual assets of each organization. To find the best protection for your DNS, go to and stay safe while you're on the web.  DNS Firewall can be a game changer in this aspect. Adding this additional layer of security can go a long way in protecting any system from cyber attacks.

What it is?

A DNS firewall is basically a secure DNS resolver. It's main function is to alert the system administrator in case they are connecting to malicious internet locations and report the security teams in case of breaches due to botnets and APTs.  

This can often be crucial in handling threats that are constantly trying to infiltrate the system and compromise its security. It is important to realize that many of the locations on the internet that jeopardize the security of a system are known and can be fed into a database. This database can then help in preventing the user from logging on to these locations by acting as a gatekeeper. This is exactly what a DNS Firewall does.


In this day and age, where information has become the greatest asset, there are people that will always try to access that information and use it to harm you. DNS Firewall acts as a first line of defense against all cyber threats and also makes the our web experience more transparent in a way. In addition to that,it can help eCommerce in a huge way as people will be more willing to shop online knowing that the they will be notified of threats should they arise.  

Also parents can use this to prevent their children from having access to pornography. In addition to being harmful psychologically these sites are often a breeding ground for hackers as they are frequently visited by household computers which are more prone to being hacked.  

As the internet is growing bigger and bigger, the world is growing smaller. It is, thus, becoming more  and more important to have ourselves protected.