7 Ways to Make Time Tracking Software a Success

7 Ways to Make Time Tracking Software a Success

Posted by Brew City on January,23 2018


Utilizing time tracking software is an uncomplicated way to gather the data you need to increase the potential benefits in labor-management for your company. Below are seven ways to make sure that the launch and tracking system get off to an auspicious start.

1. Alleviate Privacy Concerns

One of the biggest fears voiced by employees when transitioning to tracking software is a lack of privacy. Provide them the basis for the use of tracking software. No one will know they are in the restroom, or that they have come in from lunch one minute late. It is designed to show trends and that the labor is streamlined across the entire business efficiently. They will feel more comfortable with participating.

2. Provide Full Training

No one will use the technology without proper training. You want to make sure that all results are accurate. Initiate complete training programs for every employee to feel confident they know how it works. Designate employees that are familiar with the product to help those that are still learning.

3. Share Information at Group Meetings

Hold meetings at various intervals to give employees feedback about the information they provide. Demonstrate ways it is helping make critical decisions. The more the employees can see that the information is helpful, the more consistent they will be about getting the information to you.

4. Use Consistently

If you designate a day on the calendar to make the transition to full use of time tracking software, stick with the schedule. Be encouraging and consistent in application. There may be some problematic transitional moments, but the system will begin to flow smoothly with determined use.

5. Organize the Information

Make firm decisions about the types of information you need and keep it organized. It will be hard to keep your employees motivated if you are all over the place in what information you are trying to gather. Confusion leads to a disinterest in the system altogether. 

6. Communicate Company Needs

Communicate effectively with employees about why the information is needed. You can see the big picture, but it looks different from the trenches. Break down the importance of each portion of data and how it will prove helpful to their position in the company. A clear vision of purpose will give it more weight.

7. Reward the Transition

Transitioning to a whole new information gathering system can be difficult. Reward employees for their successful efforts. It can be in the form of gift cards, or a bonus added to a timesheet. Positive rewards and incentives work better than harping any day of the week.

Making a move to using tracking software should be done with advanced planning. Bringing employees into the information loop will help make the program a success.