Moving is stressful enough without worrying if your house movers Calgary have the skill to handle all your belongings with the care necessary. Save yourself some worry by considering the concerns listed below.


1. Word of Mouth

Obviously, you will check references. However, you will also need to check reviews, particularly if this is a national moving company. Be aware that your local movers may be more diligent than those in another region of the country. Try to talk to people in your area about the quality of the work of your movers.

2. Price

We all want the best deal, but if your favorite dishes are a box of broken shards at your new house, you haven’t gotten a very good deal. However, there are very careful movers who offer great deals.

3. Who’s Paying?

Is your company paying your house movers, or are you? The stress of starting a job in a new location won’t be helped if the movers your company chose damage your things. Do your best to make an arrangement with your employer to get a moving allowance instead of letting them hire the moving company. If you need to bump up the moving budget to get the movers you want, it will be money well spent.

4. Talk to Piano Tuners

It’s understood that you may not have a piano to move. However, any moving company that can successfully move a piano will probably be able to move your more fragile items safely. Your local piano tuner can probably give you great suggestions on the best, most careful movers in your area. Be sure to give them a good review on Google for sharing their expertise and great customer service!

5. Talk to a Custom Framer or Gallery Owner

If you have large pieces of art or sculptures to move, gallery owners can be a great resource to make sure that your items are packaged and shipped successfully. These professionals can offer great suggestions on where to get your artwork packaged for the safest shipping possible.

6. Be Ready to Pack and Transport Some Things Personally

If you need to move some irreplaceable items such as small collectibles, antique dishes or other precious items, consider moving them yourself in a personal vehicle. Even the most careful movers can have loads shift on the road. If your move is taking you to a different state or even across the country, items of great personal value will be safer in your personal vehicle.