5 Pointers on What Matters When Selecting VPS Hosting Solution

5 Pointers on What Matters When Selecting VPS Hosting Solution

Posted by Brew City on March,26 2018


While knowledge is power, it is imperative to let an expert lead you when it comes to selecting a VPS hosting solution. Look for an expert who can help you weigh up different tech and specs to find the best choice. The best VPS solution isn’t purely about killer specs. Below are five pointers on what matters during VPS host selection. 

1. Storage

Storage space in traditional hard disks will always be larger and cheaper than cloud storage solutions. However, solid-state storage is a requirement for an optimum VPS hosting. For example, SSD drives facilitate a rapid transfer of data, slick performance, and instantaneous boots. Moreover, SSD drives are an ideal fit for VPS hosting because of their resilience in the face of the power outage. The CPU and RAM remain underutilized if your storage is not fast enough to service customer requests. 

2. Customer Support

Your website visitors expect the service to be available every moment. Accordingly, a web host should offer on-demand and dedicated IT support. It is critical to have someone who can provide technical assistance during emergencies. Everyone wants to work with a VPS manager that brings expertise when it comes to implementation. Your VPS manager should guide you throughout your VPS journey. Your VPS solution should evolve with your business needs. Technology advances wait for no one, and your website visitors will expect you to keep up with tech trends. 

3. Specs

Size matters when it comes to selecting a VPS solution. Robust specs form the basis of any efficient web server. However, today’s shifts in VPS landscape have altered the entire equation. It has become critical for companies to invest in high-spec technology for their VPS solution to give a gold-standard performance. 

4. RAM and CPU

You will need the right amount of RAM to run multiple websites. You require at least 4GB of RAM for your VPS to run efficiently. However, more RAM is recommended for those undertaking media-intensive projects. You need a robust CPU to utilize the power of your RAM. The ideal server for VPS hosting is a multi-core server. It helps optimize the allocation of resources by providing seamless performance even during peak hours. 

5. Management

The first question that comes to your mind when looking for a VPS solution is whether it is a fully-managed or self-managed solution. The choice depends on your individual needs. However, self-managed VPS solutions are ideal for web developers. It offers more flexibility for the user to update and secure his or her systems. It helps minimize unscheduled conflicts significantly. Conversely, a fully-managed VPS solution comes with an additional cost for less control. However, it can be ideal for a company that has a less tech-savvy team.