4 Ways a Digital Timesheet Makes it Easier to Manage Shifts Schedules

4 Ways a Digital Timesheet Makes it Easier to Manage Shifts Schedules

Posted by Brew City on February,20 2018


Employers who choose to rely on conventional methods to manage shift schedules could run into any number of potentially-serious and costly complications. From determining the optimal level of coverage for each shift to fine-tuning schedules more easily, a digital timesheet or scheduling application may prove to be a valuable resource. The following list highlights some of the many ways that automated time and attendance tracking may be of benefit to schedule management. 

1. Determine Optimal Coverage

Determining the right number of employees needed for each shift is not a concern that should be taken lightly. Having too few workers can impair productivity while over-staffing a shift may cause operational costs to balloon. Feature-rich timesheet and scheduling resources can provide much-needed insight regarding staffing needs, productivity levels and hours worked on specific projects. Easier ways to assess the effectiveness of a schedule helps to ensure employers are able to establish and maintain optimal coverage levels with greater accuracy. 

2. Reduce Staffing Costs

Staffing costs can often be a major expense, especially for organizations that require large numbers of employees. Real-time report generation or a comprehensive breakdown regarding past and current scheduling may provide employers with the information they need in order to minimize staffing costs. Spending too much on staffing can quickly erode profitability and deprive businesses of the financial resources they may need in order to deal with other concerns. 

3. Creating the Right Shift Schedule 

From compressed shift to shorter rotations ideal for part-time employees, the right shift organization and schedule can often be a major asset. Altering employee schedules too frequently or making ineffective or arbitrary changes to an existing schedule can be very disruptive and may even harm employee morale. Time and scheduling applications that can streamline the process help to ensure that employers are able to create and maintain a shift rotation and work schedule that will meet both their needs and the needs of their staff. 

4. Quick and Easy Scheduling Changes 

Even the most well-designed schedule will occasionally require changes and alterations. From adapting an existing work schedule in order to keep up with future growth and expansion to minimizing the impact of an unexpected employee absence, a digital timesheet can often make a quite a difference. Easier ways to manage employee time, scheduling and shift management will allow businesses to make any future changes to their schedules or shift setup with greater ease. 

Not every digital timesheet option may offer the features and level of performance that employers may require. Seeking out and selecting only the best resources ensures that businesses will be able to enjoy a greater overall value from their investment. When it comes to time and schedule management, it pays to have access to the best resources.