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Mitigating common DNS Server attacks

Posted by Brewcity on September,23 2016

The DNs protocol is one of the oldest and most commonly used networking protocols globally, yet it is still the source of unprecedented number of network security issues. DNS security has certain elemental limitations, but there is no reason for it to be the weakest link in your business’ security.


DNS Security, an Overlooked Threat

Posted by Brewcity on September,01 2016

The Domain Name System is perhaps the most relied upon piece of the internet technology stack. Every internet user accesses DNS servers many times per day, often in ways that go unseen. While DNS services are often very reliable, there are ways in which they might fail that place individuals at risk for security threats. Not only is dns security of concern for individuals, but a poorly-configured DNS server or an improperly secured network can be crippled or partially taken over by an attacker with access to an internal DNS server. Here are some of the most common current DNS security threats for which to watch out.


Open DNS vs. Google DNS

Posted by Brewcity on July,18 2016

When you log in to a website, you key in the uniform resource locator (URL) into your Web browser and press enter. The URL is a space-holder text for the internet protocol (IP) address you are trying to access. The component for your internet connection is the domain name server (DNS). It changes the text-based URL into the numeric Internet Protocol address of the website you want to access. Open DNS and Google DNS are the most known DNS services available. Both offer dns security and enhanced networking capabilities, but have key variations between them.